May 18, 2009


A big thank you for my older readers who came and joined here and a big welcome for all new ones. If you are a new watcher of my felt world, you can look at older things in the felt blog I wrote before this one in 3 languages (but from now I separate the 3 languages, that's the english version):

As I see my profile must stay in 3 languages if I don't want to make different google accounts to each blog. I don't want.
In the coming week I show you what this curly thing above is...stay tuned!


Cash en Els said...

I like it very much ;-))

Want to see more and more, with love,

Heather said...

This is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen - the yellow butterflies against that gorgeous blue make it sing. It reminds me of medieval illuminated manuscripts. If I owned it I couldn't bear to use it incase it got dirty, but would hang it on my wall to be enjoyed all day long.

Claudia said...

Wirklich wunderschön!
Gruss, Claudia

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Tjank you!
Dear readers who also read the comments, no Heather is not wrong thought there is no bag on the photo. I deleted the photo and didn't think of the comments. The bag is here:

Tammie Lee said...

So kind of you to share in English as well! I need to put a google translator on my blog! Your art as always is charming and full of whimsy!

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