Sep 26, 2009

Felted table set

Now afterward thanx for your comments!!! I'm alive, I'm quite fine, the fall is wonderful...I didn't want to make such a long blog pause, but somehow the last months did another way than I wanted to do go go me...though I felt much positive energy and now I'm ready to soap the wool strands again :o).

I habe finished a set for eating outside:

A big stone felted in and working as a napkin weight and his little brothers and sisters:

which weigh down the table cloth on every corner.

I must have look funny sitting with a lot of stones around and weighing them because I wanted the smaller ones to have the same weight. Not to tear the tablecloth on one end.
I wish you beautiful autumn days and the brown and dark green smell of this time with some coffe and apple pie on the terrace!


Joei Rhode Island said...

Welcome back, Corinna
I look forward to seeing what you find in wool soap and water next.


These are so lovely! I like the one that is the shape of a tiny little tea pot

I think it would be nice to do this and make some that look like Cornish pebbles ... one day ...

Thank you for your comment on my mixed media blog by the way, lovely to hear from you x

Enjoy your Sunday Corinna and it is good to have you back felting again

Best wishes

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