Feb 22, 2010

Carnival of Fleeces

Busó (say busho)Procession in Mohács (say Mohatsh) - a small town in the South of Hungary.
A many hundred years old tradition for scaring away winter...

The busó-kit:

- unique carved wooden mask with one sheep fleece on the sides and on the back
- a "coat" made of four fleeces
- cattle cords as a belt
- traditional fabric trousers
- traditional knitted socks
- traditional leather footwear
- fabric shoulder bag
- cattle bells and ratches for making biiiig noise and a wooden mace

If you ever wondered where the inspiration for the Beauty's Beast came from, I think you can be sure now.

If you see these guys live you also understand how the Beauty could love that monster.

They look terrific! So huge, so strong and soooo fluffy! Why wouldn't weak women want to fall in the arms of one of them? (And felters could have their own wool-donor at home...)

The fleeces are hungarian merino or the unique hungarian breed called "racka".
How nice it would be if those fleeces would be felted...(poor sheep)

In the evening a big straw figure which symbolises the winter is ending on a great bonfire.
Winter ALWAYS escapes after the busó carnival...


Anonymous said...

yes you are right, these fleeces would make the most wonderful felt. Do you know what kind of breeds they are?

Joei Rhode Island said...

I *love* the masks...they are wonderful!
Is Hungarian merino like Turkish merino? This is beautiful long wool.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

The long wool is from the traditional hungarian breed called "racka". You can find more infos at google by searching for "racka sheep". And this year I'll get the chance to go to a racka shearer and get the fleeces, yippieee!


What amazing photos Corinna, thank you :o)

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