Apr 17, 2010

The answer of my felt-brainteaser

(...stinks already scraffy: I planned to answer this question a few days after asking. That was more than one and a half months ago. That isn't blog-abstinence but already blog-impotence...)

That is my shaman.

He is about 2 m high.

What do shamans do?
They are healers of body and soul.

He has acces to worlds which are closed for the average person.
(Luckily there is some kind of "awaking" nowadays: more and more people deal with energies, spirituality, esoterism...)

The shaman has
directly contact to the universe.
Universe...Milky way. Solar system.
Sun and Moon and stars...
Shaman as a guiding light...
The directory...
The confident point.
In the middle.
In the circle.
The most beautiful symbol.

The wheel rolls ahead.
It has 12 spokes.
A year has 12 months.
Time rolls ahead.
Solar systems rotate.

We all could be shamans of our lives. But not everybody is awake to this. But this can be changed. If one wants to change. Then you get a key...

Creativity means to have the "third eye" open and realize things that others doesn't realize. Being the earth which gathers and cradles the grain until its blossom. The grain which isn't ours. Its a gift from somewhere else.

Creative dealing heals. Felting can help the healing of the mind and the soul.

Shamans knew the basic material: wool felt.
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