Aug 15, 2011

Felt boots and felt slippers from Moscow

In Moscow it's verrry cold in winter. So people wore felt boots a longer time ago. Now they only wear felt slippers at home.
I show you the ones I saw in Moscow.

At first a bad example. It's ok to be proud of your felt slippers when you are a beginner and these where your first ones. Than I will be happy with you and perhaps give you some advice for the next time if you prefer.
But how can someone sell things like these?! Poor buyer. Will not be happy for a long time with these fluffy prefelt-slippers...

And now the good ones. They are not my style but the surface embellishment methods are inspirating.

1. Felt combined with crochet

3. Maschine stitched motifs sewed on the felt.4. Stencil printing - or whatever it is called in English - combined with beads. I would try it with textile or acrylic paint. Or do you have another idea?

5. A lot of sequins and beads on the black felt boot.
6. Motif cut off a fabric and sewed on and combined with beads.
7. Felt with zipper - in a different way :-)
Do you feel how new ideas crawl out of your mind?


Las Cholas said...

thanks for showing this!
see you, chola.

Michelle said...

Brilliant. I love the ones with the delicate embroidery.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Thank you! Hope they inspire :-)

kids footwear said...

Your creations are really awesome. You turned felted paper into something that we can use to make our feet warm during cold. But beside from it, you also made this as creative as it is.

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