Oct 5, 2011

Lichen bag - felted

Lichens sometimes are composite organisms consisting of a symbiotic organism composed of a fungus (the mycobiont) with a photosynthetic partner (the photobiont or phycobiont), usually either a green or blue alga. The morphology, physiology and biochemistry of lichens are very different from those of the isolated fungus and alga in culture. Lichens occur in some of the most extreme environments on Earth—arctic tundra, hot deserts, rocky coasts, and toxic slag heaps.


I felted on everything, there is nothing sewn.

In the inside I felted two smaller pockets.

On the front side there are different textiles included: green organza which shines wonderful, gaze, unraveld pullover.


Ruth said...

I love it!

martine said...

this is fantastic, you are very creative
thanks for sharing

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Oooohh....This bag is amazing! I love it.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Thank you! I'll take it for my next walk in the woods :-)

Els said...

Sea weed ....!

Mrs Minton makes... said...

Beautiful design!!

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Tanky you! Yes it colud be sa weed too :-)

Heather Woollove said...

What a wonderful, organic-looking bag (and a lot of work!!)

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