Apr 17, 2012

to let loose...in felt

The most of us are gripping something...such as it would be life-sustaining holding fast to it/her/him...

And what can we cling to?

Such as...

- cream cakes

- soap operas

- parents

- children

- the wish for a child

- spouse

- pets

- revenge

- wine, beer and grog

- amphetamine cocktails

- body shaping

- hope

- past and future

- memories....

The wish of letting loose has to grow inside.

It might make place for a new age...


crafty cat corner said...

HOw right you are, happiness is not what we own but how our minds think.
I love the felting, I really must have a go.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

But sometimes it's very hard changing our mind...

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