Oct 24, 2009

The Wonder Forest

My secret Wonder Forest is in my heart and in my soul. A place where I can hide, where I go to find inspirations or just take a rest for a while.
I don't know if the different creatures living and growing there are children of my fantasy or if I find them already there.
Otherwise I think many people have forests like mine inside. How about wandering in the same big wood? Everyone of us? There I am at a favored subject of mine: the collective subconsious...The same ideas, pictures turning up at very different places of the world in surprising ways...(And I don't mean copying.)

Everyone and everything united in a wonderful, living, organic, always changing system...call it Universe...call it God...call it as you want. Wonder World. Wonder Forest.
Nothing and nobody goes lost ever. Everything and everyone just changes and gets other forms of appearance.

Woods. Dim light. Tiny creatures dancing in the sunbeams. Buzzing. Green scent. Woodland strawberries. Waving fern. Moss beds. Chirping birds...
Forests are temples of God.
But he also likes to spend his time in tarns, deserts and on hill tops. We do not always like to sit in the living room as well...

Oct 6, 2009

Felt bag details

Some details of a new felt bag.

A felt bag with integrated wonder-forest...

The ready piece is comming soon. Till this you might think about your own wonder-forest. Where is it? How does it look like? What does it give to you?

I wish you a nice day!

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