Feb 18, 2011

Felted wall bag

The wall bag is laying in the snow.

It's sleeping...hush!

In it's dream it hangs in the garden of the stone dragon...

Enchanted plants grow there.
Gemstones glitter between the leafs.

The stone dragon is sleeping as well.
Until it will be awakened from that stone life.

Sometimes even dragons can get bewitched...

Feb 1, 2011

Little Felt Box

Grandmothers smell like grandmothers what you perceive while they are reading fairy tales.
Grandmothers hair turns white...

Grandmothers always listen when you have a problem.
Grandmothers sometimes only say one short sentence but that will grow in your heart and mind forever.
Grandmothers have doilies or some lace on their undershirt.
Grandmothers hide pearl jewelry in a small box.
Grandmothers do handcraft.
You never forget Grandmother...

"Grandmother's Whisper" that's how I call this felt box.
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