Sep 29, 2010

Gipsy felt

That's me
on these misty photos on the left in the Museum of Arts and Craft in Budapest.
After I got the 2. prize at the Romani Design competition.

Romani Design is a young team of gipsy designers who make modern and trendy clothes and jewelry for gipsies and want to reduce the intolerance between gipsies and "white people"
I show you some photos of the 2nd gipsy fashion show, where also the exhibition and award ceremony took place
These are only Romani Design clothes, I'll show you the work of the other competitors and mine later.

A real horse shoe as necklace pendant! Because it's always good to have luck on your side.

Like a gipsy princess: Helena Varga, goldsmith. She makes jewelry for Romani Design and is one of the founders.

At the right: Erika Varga in an interview with my felts in the background. She is fashion designer and founder of Romani Design. She always wears black. But with some gipsy cloth details of course. Look at her HAIR!!!

Woman wearing a Romani blouse.

The girls were singing wonderful!

Visitors wearing Romani Design.

At the exhibition there were shown old photos. These were my favorites:
I didn't have time to take photos of my gipsy felts: 3 felt bags and 3 pairs of spats. They will be also exhibited in the House of Terror in Budapest.
Watch the video of the 1st Romani fashion show ! (They only speek a short time hungarian and the clothes are so cool!)
Romani Design in the www: (For the photo gallery scroll down and look at FOTOGALÉRIA on the right.) If you're in Budapest don't miss their shop!

Sep 25, 2010

Felted wall case with snails

This wall case was ordered for a silver wedding. I used white wool and felted in silk fibres, lace, pongee silk and gauze.

It should be used to leave lovely surprises for each other and also "hints", critics, praises for further developement of the relationhsip. Sometimes it is difficult to say something and it's easier to write a letter. If you write on a slip of paper "I HATE YOU!" and put this paper somewhere you also put down a big part of your hate. And afterwards when the other one finds it, you can already laugh about it together. Or talk about it calmly. Energies doesn't go lost they convert. And felt has magical forces as we know!

The spiral is an ancient symbol we can meet in every culture and everywhere in nature. Endless dynamics and vitality, everlasting change and searching for the inner centre...relationship of two...there are also big energies. Sometimes positives, sometimes negatives.

I embroidered the snails glossy slime traces. Somewhere they cross each other then they depart, afterwards they go parallel to each other. Like our ways in life. To exist under one umbrella seems to be a clear situation. But our inner ways are much more windig. In the ideal case they run in the same direction.

Sep 20, 2010

Judit Pócs, Dagmar Binder, Inge Evers, Márti Csille und Vanda Róbert...

...were teaching this summer in the south of Hungary one week long.
From left to right: Dagmar Binder, Márti Csille, Judit Pócs, Inge Evers and in the front Vanda Róbert.

With Dagmar we made nuno felt shawls on silk chiffon, at Márti's we created felt jewelry combined with hammered wires, Judit let everyone make what he wants(we only had to choose 2 techniques at max.), Inge inspired first playing with different textiles and than we felted a "bleep" which hides a treasure we took with us. With Vanda we made cushions with a meshwork inlay as decoration.

These 5 women not only look different, they also teach different and they act different. Also the students were very different: some loved one of the courses and disliked another one, other loved this disliked class and didn't like the third...but everybody could find one which really touched his style and could learn some fluffy tricks from others.


There is no shop in this small village. Twice a week there came a vegetable carriage and every day the ice-cream-van. There the ladies weren't be shy to queue.

The 50 students lived in different summer houses. We were put in there in a sensational international mix: In our mansion I was from Hungary (but I'm half German). One of the girls from Germany is a real Hungarian. Our mate from the Netherlands has her roots mothersides in Hungary. The girl from Ireland was spanish. Only Finland and USA were "real" attendents. Carmen Carmen, couldn't let it after 2 days an began to cook and bake for us. Yes we had double meals: the official one and "Carmen's kitchen" It was as happy as on the photo at dinner...and after.

We got a lot of help: some assistants always brought us hot water and took away the dirty one from the buckets.

Am At the end of the felt camp there was an exhibition where eveyone could show the favorite of his works.
Here are some of my colleagues:

Stay tuned if you would like to come next year, I'll post the freshest details as I get them. Have a nice day!.

Sep 10, 2010

Nuno felt shawl

I made this in the international felt camp in Hungary this summer in the course of Dagmar Binder.

I haven't been posting here for a long time. Summer was full with different programmes. Travelling, learning, family aaand the biggest thing for me was finishing the felt tutorials which I made for my 5 month online felt course. Soon I start to let to translate them and make the course also available in English.

A nice surprise: This nuno felt shawl got a little place in Felt Matters Magazine- (This small things under down on the right side...)

Wish you a fluffy weekend!

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