Sep 29, 2010

Gipsy felt

That's me
on these misty photos on the left in the Museum of Arts and Craft in Budapest.
After I got the 2. prize at the Romani Design competition.

Romani Design is a young team of gipsy designers who make modern and trendy clothes and jewelry for gipsies and want to reduce the intolerance between gipsies and "white people"
I show you some photos of the 2nd gipsy fashion show, where also the exhibition and award ceremony took place
These are only Romani Design clothes, I'll show you the work of the other competitors and mine later.

A real horse shoe as necklace pendant! Because it's always good to have luck on your side.

Like a gipsy princess: Helena Varga, goldsmith. She makes jewelry for Romani Design and is one of the founders.

At the right: Erika Varga in an interview with my felts in the background. She is fashion designer and founder of Romani Design. She always wears black. But with some gipsy cloth details of course. Look at her HAIR!!!

Woman wearing a Romani blouse.

The girls were singing wonderful!

Visitors wearing Romani Design.

At the exhibition there were shown old photos. These were my favorites:
I didn't have time to take photos of my gipsy felts: 3 felt bags and 3 pairs of spats. They will be also exhibited in the House of Terror in Budapest.
Watch the video of the 1st Romani fashion show ! (They only speek a short time hungarian and the clothes are so cool!)
Romani Design in the www: (For the photo gallery scroll down and look at FOTOGALÉRIA on the right.) If you're in Budapest don't miss their shop!


Joei Rhode Island said...

Congratulations! I love all the colors and floral designs. I'm off to look at your links. Will be back to see your pieces.

megsang said...

Your the bestt

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