Jul 22, 2009

In Memoriam Doghair Felt

You may think I'm on a long holiday. But no.

I had been helping for a week at a move.

Then I fired my webdesigner who wasn't able to finish my website for more than a year. But at long last I found a professional one who does it now and I realized how many texts are written yet. That' s what I'm working on, in 3 languages, so I didn't really want to write in the blog too.

I think the cause now is only that at this time I1m not really interested in anything because of one of our dogs, Fáni.

She is a komondor, a hungarian breed.

She died suddenly the day before yesterday. It might have been rat poison. She could had fed a poisoned one which run through our garden. I don't think that someone else did it.

I took pictures of her some weeks before because I wanted to show what a fantastic natural felt cord coats she wears. This breed doesn't even need soapy water to felt it's hair...

Whether this occured hole in my universe could be tamped with felt?

(I should ask Captain Kirk...)


Jackie said...

You must be very sad about your lovley dog. If you make something from her coat it will be a good souvenir.

Joei Rhode Island said...

I miss you Corinna...I know it is hard to lose someone special in your heart. I hope you are well....and perhaps you will felt again.


I'm so sorry to hear about your gorgeous dog. Thinking of you!

Carolyn x

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