Aug 28, 2011

Small Felt Bag Matching a Cocktail Dress

In that case it is not the Little Black Dress but the Little Black Bag for the not really LBD.

To make it even practical I felted in two pockets colored like the dress.

What I couldn't catch on the photos: that parts where the embroidery is, is felted of wool carded with glittering fibers, so it shines nicely.

...and felt bags CAN look also elegant not only eco-aunt-like. (Don't throw at me, I heard this from others.)


Els said...

He Corinna, love your Little Black Bag (or rather purse?)
OFCOURSE felt bags can be elegant : you've proven it so many times!! The embroidery is very good!
(I see that I adjust the closure in the right way, just as you do ;-)....)

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Purse or bag...I was sitting in front of my dictionary and google and tried to find out which word would be better *lol*

That's an object where I couldn't make photos of the details as I like. It didn't want to be... :-)

Michelle said...

captured the images so well.
Trendy - not old fashioned at all ;-)

Ruth said...

Great bag - love the embroidery!

Unknown said...

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